My name is Zsolt Hermann.

By profession I am an orthopedic surgeon. I am deeply interested in how complex living systems work, especially how the different parts, subsystems mutually interconnect and complement each other. Of course as a surgeon I am also interested in how to fix such systems when they malfunction, break.

It is very intriguing how in our bodies for example billions of cells, microbes intermingle, work together just to support a conscious observer feeling itself existing.

On the other hand today despite all our technological breakthroughs we start to realize that we have no clue about how the systems around us, including our own body work and how we should fix them when they break.

It seems as if we are missing something, that there was a missing link in between us as observers and the system of reality around us.

Many people are searching today due to this sense of “missing link”. Personally through that search I have found the Wisdom of Kabbalah.

The word “kabbalah” means reception, acceptance. The Wisdom of Kabbalah can give us the method and tools of understanding reality around us and our place in it. It can help us filling the missing pieces, understanding cause and effect processes until we can finally accept and acknowledge that we exist in the most perfect reality possible after all.

Since I started studying it, the picture indeed starts to clear, and the missing details start to fill up, seemingly wayward pieces, cogwheels start to fall into place.

So I started to write…

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  1. Hello,
    I read your comment on the Jerusalem post and i agree with your perspective, I wanted to ask you a few question in regards about the same topic as I am doing a small research for academic purposes on ‘Does Israel Fit The Western Identity?’. If you would be kind enough to answer those questions i would be very grateful. If you would be interested please feel free to email me. Thanks.
    ( ).


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