Infinite Pleasure

Question: Is there more to life than simply limiting our personal suffering while we are in this world?

Answer: The purpose of our life is the complete opposite of limiting personal suffering. The purpose of life is to reach infinite pleasures, infinite fulfillment.

Moreover the infinite pleasures, fulfillments are already surrounding us. But we do not know how to accept, receive them, this is why instead of pleasures we receive suffering all the time.

We are born with an inherently self-serving, egoistic nature that is like a black hole tries to suck everything towards itself, with selfish calculations at the expense of others. It is this egoistic intention for reception that causes our suffering and all the problems in the world.

If we learned, mutually together, how to receive not for our own sake, but to receive everything for the sake of others, we could create a perfect, reciprocal Human network where the infinite pleasure, the sense of life could flow through without resistance, fulfilling everybody endlessly.

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