Kindling The Passion

Question: Is it normal to not have a passion?

Answer: I don’t think it is a question of “normal” or “abnormal”. We are all “made of” the desire for pleasure, our while life is about searching for further, stronger, more spicy pleasures. This desire is like a candle, or a pilot light that needs igniting.

In order for this spark to be ignited into a full blown passion we need an environment that “infects” us with an “object of desire” this underlying, formless desire for pleasure can clothe into. Then if the environment magnifies, intensifies this pleasure enough, it can grow into a “full blown passion” that draws us towards its object as moth to the light.

So all you are missing is the unique, purposeful, mutually responsible environment that can give you that “object of desire” you can grow a passion for.

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