Don’t Miss The Train Of Evolution!

Question: Why is life all about timing?

Answer: Life is about “timing” in a way of harmonizing our own subjective time with Nature’s “primordial clock” of evolution. As long as we are in a “different time zone” compared to the absolute, primordial clock, we have a sense of always being late, always missing the right moment.

But if we adjust our time perfectly and synchronize with “absolute time” time disappears and we find ourselves in a “blissful”, eternal moment above time, space and motion.

It is like trying to jump on a relentlessly speeding train. While we try catching it, keep missing it we are sensing time very harshly and we are in all sorts of trouble. This train occasionally slows down, or even stops at certain stations to help us catch it, board it, but again we have to time our approach perfectly, being at the right place at the right time.

The moment we board the train, suddenly time, space and movement disappears and we can effortlessly enjoy the journey – until we are thrown off and we have to try to jump back on again…

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