Identifying With Evolution’s Plan

Question: Is it what we want to become in life is the same as what God have planned for us but in a different way?

Answer: As you suggest we exist in a fully predetermined, “lawful” system – whether we look at a “Godly” system or the evolutionary system of Nature. We do not have a free choice in determining the final state we need to develop to, and we can’t even determine the intermediary steps leading there.

Moreover our inherent tendencies, desires are opposite to what the “system” expects from us as we are driven by an inherently selfish, egoistic and subjective “software”.

Thus our purpose in life is to learn the “Godly”/Natural system we live in, to learn its intelligent evolutionary plan, while recognizing, analyzing our own nature at the same time. Then we will receive the ability to start adjusting, upgrading our “software” so what we want, our goals in life will align with the overall plan.

By this constant adjustment, proactive self-correction we gain a fully conscious understanding of the “plan of Creation/plan of evolution” making us rightful partners in the system of reality.

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