Summit Of Happiness

Question: Is it possible to reach the summit of happiness in your life without having your biggest dream, goals or passion ever granted?

Answer: No and yes. It is true that the “summit of happiness” would mean fulfilling our biggest dream, reaching out most important goal in life. So without reaching, fulfilling that we can’t reach the summit of happiness.

On the other hand – within the right, purposeful, mutually supportive and mutually complementing environment we can “adjust, refine and update” our dreams and goals, moreover we can receive the most optimal support, tools and constant inspiration towards them.

Thus as a result within the right environment we can reach the “summit of happiness”, especially that the right environment can adapt our dream and goal with the exact purpose, role Nature’s plan of evolution expects from us.

And that is the ultimate “summit of happiness” when we fully, seamlessly integrate within Nature’s vast, cosmic system by making our dream, goal similar to evolution’s expectations, plan.

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