Appreciating From Contrast

Question: Is it human nature to only really appreciate anything once it’s gone?

Answer: Yes. Conscious perception, understanding, appreciation requires contrast, comparative research of one state against the other. Unless we truly desire, yearn for something because we feel its lack, we know how good, “tasty” it is and it was lost or taken away from us, we can’t truly value and appreciate that thing.

And this is our very important and unparalleled evolutionary Human uniqueness. If we were born into nature’s perfect system like all other elements from animate, vegetative and animate levels in Nature – all living instinctively integrated in the system, blindly following, obeying its laws in order to keep balance and homeostasis – we could never be able to appreciate Nature’s perfection, marvel at the magnificent plan of evolution driving, governing it.

This is why we were born opposite, outside of the system as a result of the “Human mutation” of selfish egoism, subjective, self-serving consciousness and perception. The last, truly conscious phase of Human evolution demands from us a proactive, fully aware self-upgrade, which leads to Humanity’s integration into nature’s system. But since we have to achieve this against our inherent nature, against our instinctive opposition – which difference, opposition never disappears – even when we integrate we remain fully conscious of Nature’s perfection and constantly fear losing it.

This is how we become the “crowns of creation”, the fully conscious, justifying, appreciative mind of the whole system.

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