Ready For True Love

Question: What is one thing today, that if it happened, you would not be prepared for?

Answer: “True love”. If suddenly I received the opportunity to practice, exist in “true love”, I would be mortified, I would be stunned on the spot.

Reaching the ability for “true love” – completely selfless, altruistic, absolutely unconditional service of others even if nobody knows that I do that service, without any feedback or reward for myself – is the Human purpose of our lives. Through “true love” we become similar – the word “Human” comes from the Hebrew word “Adam”, that originates from the expression “similar” – to the single, acting force, principle in Nature’s perfect system, which force, principle is capable of creating, nurturing, sustaining life.

But since we are born with an inherently selfish, egoistic and hateful nature, by default “true love” is like the greatest darkness, “death” for our egos.

This is why we have to go, change through a very gradual, carefully conducted educational process, through which we layer by layer unearth and the neutralize our inherent selfishness, hatred towards others, until at the end we reach true, infinite love above and against true and infinite hate that is hidden inside of us.

Then we will be ready for anything!

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