Becoming “Environmental Friendly”

Question: How and from where have you learned to live a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle? Literally, how did you come about this knowledge (common sense is an acceptable answer) and what type of behavior does this knowledge promote?

Answer: In order to live an “environmental-friendly” lifestyle, I think first of all we have to learn how to live in a “friendly”, mutually responsible, mutually complementing manner in a Human environment.

Unless we learn in smaller, purposefully built groups what it means to exist in a closed, fully integrated and completely interdependent Natural, living system, we won’t be able to become “friendly” to the Natural environment.

Only a refined, finely tuned, “integrated” Human being can appreciate what it means to integrate into Nature’s perfect system. How we Humans relate to each other defines how we relate to Nature.

I learned this through studying the scientific, educational method of Kabbalah in a purposeful group where the method is implemented in practice.

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