“Scary” Perfect Love

Question: What is best way to get someone to move out of your house?

Answer: Try showering them with absolute, unconditional love and service, regardless of their behaviour, reaction.

Such a “perfect, true love” – even if played artificially – effects people like a shock, like a tsunami sweeping then off their feet.

When someone feels such an unconditional “love tsunami” from another, that person has no other option but to forget about oneself – since all of one’s needs are immediately, perfectly fulfilled.

Thus this person also has to start showing perfect love towards the other, since we are programmed to care about someone and if the default address – ourselves – is already perfectly fulfilled by another source, then we are obliged to turn to that source, serving it unconditionally in return.

As a result the person you want to drive out from your house either runs away, our becomes the perfect mate, partner for you.

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