Finding Direction

Question: How can I get unlost in life?

Answer: As with walking in the forest or climbing a mountain, in order not to get lost we need a precise goal, direction we are progressing towards to.

It is the same with our lives.

If we do not identify early on an overall goal, purpose for our existence, if we do not reveal the meaning of our Human life we will get lost all the time, we will become like hapless driftwood in the swift river of life.

Thus the best we can do is to find a unique, closed, purposeful, mutually complementing and mutually supportive environment where all the members are committed to the same goal, purpose we have.

Then we can keep each other on the right path, direction, we can help each other up quickly after failures and provide the tools and inspiration necessary to be successful in life.

There we can get a unique education that can prepare us for life and successful development.

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