The Most Important Virtue: Unconditional Love

Question: What is the most important virtue or quality in human lives that we should strive the most to practice?

Answer: The most important quality we need strive for is unconditional love and service of others.

This is a virtue that is completely opposite to our inherently self-serving, self-justifying, egocentric and subjective nature.

Still, this is the quality, virtue which would give us similarity and thus full understanding of nature’s singular, governing and life-giving force-field. Reaching this similarity – and by that fully attaining the absolute perfection of Nature’s system – is the purpose of our existence, this is why we are called Humans – Adam in Hebrew from the expression “similar”.

Moreover even us being born as hateful, greedy egoists – exactly the opposite of what we should become – is purposeful and predetermined by nature’s evolution. Specifically by purposefully, methodically changing ourselves, then perceiving altruistic perfection against the contrast of destructive egoism do we merit to become Human beings.

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