The Origin Of Rosh Hashanah

Question: What is the origin of Rosh Hashanah? Answer: There are of course many answers explaining the usual, traditional interpretation of Rosh Hashanah’s origins. On the other hand Kabbalists – unique, original, empirical scientists, who researched and attained the complete system of reality – tell us, that this Holiday symbolizes “Man’s creation”, more precisely it … More The Origin Of Rosh Hashanah

Rosh HaShanah

Question: The holiday of Rosh Hashanah is coming up in a few days. Regardless of your religion, do you take the opportunity to go deep, inquire of self, let go of your anger, and redirect your attention to greater success in this New Year? How? Answer: Yes. After all original Judaism – before it became … More Rosh HaShanah

A Complete Reset

Developing Through Vicious Cycles Humanity is at fateful crossroads today. As we are sinking into a deepening and seemingly unsolvable global crisis we have to finally look at ourselves and see if we could shift from our present, self-destructive, instinctive development to a different one. Human history is a chain of recurring vicious cycles. We … More A Complete Reset