The Deeper Meaning Of Hanukkah

Question: What was/is your favorite part of Hanukkah?

Answer: My favorite part of Hanukkah is its deeper, inner, symbolic meaning as it is very relevant to our own life.

We have to defeat the “Greek”- inherently selfish, narcissistic, all-knowing and still subjective – inclinations inside us that want to draw us away from our “traditions” – focusing on our Human purpose in life, by following our inner “Maccabees”.

This Human purpose is to become truly Human – “Adam” meaning “similar” from its Hebrew origin – reaching similarity with the selfless, unconditionally serving, loving qualities of Nature’s single operating, life-giving force-field.

We can do that by following the “Instructions of the Torah” – The True Empirical Encyclopedia Of Nature – which instructions are encapsulated, summarized in the principles of “Don’t do to others what you yourself hate” and “Love others as yourself”.

These principles are based on Nature’s most fundamental “iron laws” – applied to Human society – for maintaining balance and homeostasis without which life, optimal development cannot exist.

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