Guided Optimism

Question: Given all the horrible things going on in the world right now, how can anyone remain optimistic about anything? Answer: Only by studying Nature’s deterministic, intelligent evolutionary plan. Then we can see that Humanity reaching such lowly, near self-destructing state is purposeful, planned by evolution. We had to prove to ourselves that building civilisations, … More Guided Optimism

Changing Perspective

Question: How do you change your persepective and see your life situation in a new way, and not get caught in the current on going drama in your life? Answer: In order to change our perspective and look at life differently – in an objective way instead of our inherently subjective viewpoint – first of … More Changing Perspective

Developing Through Heartbreak

Question: How does heartbreak affect your everyday life? Answer: Heartbreak, pain, suffering is the most potent motivating factor. A true heartbreak is a true “prayer”, where “prayer” does not mean a religious act, but it means a very real, tangible self-assessment, seeing one’s actual non-optimal, and a next, higher, more optimal state which on seemingly … More Developing Through Heartbreak

The Right Control

Question: Do people need to be controlled in order to manage a functional society? Answer: Yes. We all need to learn how to control our own inherently egoistic, hateful, greedy and subjective nature. We can’t control others, coercion, suppression never worked and will never work. We have already learned this through Human history. Only changes … More The Right Control