Is this pandemic really revealing the dark side of our humanity (hording goods, xenophobia, etc.)?

Yes it does and this is very important. The right diagnosis is half the cure!

After all, while we are trying to prevent, treat the Coronavirus infection we really need to diagnose and start treating the much greater problem, the true “deadly virus”: our own inherently selfish, hateful, greedy egos.

It is our own nature that is the root cause of all the increasing global problems Humanity is facing and can’t cope with.

The pandemic is just holding a brutally honest mirror in from of us, showing us how we react, how we are ready to survive at the expense if everybody else, how useless, inadequate our “leaders”, “experts” are, how addicted we are to the aimless, harmful, overproduction, overconsumption Matrix with its mindless “circus and bread” entertainment.

This is a very great, important moment in Human history, finding ourselves face to face with ourselves, becoming disgusted of how we behave and relate to each other.

The covid-19 virus will be subdued, it it goes away by itself in a few months. The question is what we do with the unpleasant but honest self-recognition we gain from this crisis? Do we simply settle back to the “life” we lived before, to be a slave, cog in the consumerist machinery?

Or perhaps we are interested in developing further, to find out what actually it means to be Human beings, existing above, against blind instincts, attaining Nature’s system and its evolutionary plan and fulfilling our unique individual and collective partnering role in it?

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