A World Of Introverts

Question: What would the world be like if everyone was an introvert? Answer: It is the world we live in today, a collection of 8 billion introverts. We are all born with an inherently self-serving, self-justifying, egocentric and subjective nature. We all see the world in our own personal way. Even when we connect, communicate … More A World Of Introverts

Education That Raises Humans

Question: What is the thing that every high school education lacks? Answer: In general our education system is still based on the original model from the industrial revolution, considering education the factory like production of good workers and good consumers without any actual Human upbringing. Especially today, in the globally integrated and fully interdependent world … More Education That Raises Humans

Finding Harmony

Question: Do you live your life in harmony with the world around you? Answer: At the moment I do not, but I am working on it with others who are also very much interested in achieving balance in Human societies. By default we are all born with an inherently self-serving, self-justifying, egotistic and subjective nature. … More Finding Harmony

The World In Crisis

Question: Is the world in crisis and need of change to find peace? Answer: Yes the world is very much in crisis and we need fundamental changes in order to find peace and survive. We are continuously sinking into a seemingly unsolvable global crisis, which encompasses all levels of Human activity. We are in crisis … More The World In Crisis

Lack Of Responsibility

Question: Do we as a society lack personal responsibility? How can this be fixed? Answer: Yes we totally lack personal and collective responsibility. This is due to our inherently self-centered, self-justifying, subjective consciousness and perception that locks all of us into our introverted cocoons where we care only about ourselves. And this has catastrophic consequences … More Lack Of Responsibility

The Goal Of Human Life

Question: What is the real goal of human life and how is it achieved? Answer: The real goal, purpose of Human life is to actually become Human, to find our unique individual and collective Human “cogwheel role” in Nature’s perfect evolutionary system. Human means similar (from its original Hebrew translation: Adam – domeh). WE have … More The Goal Of Human Life