Assuming we overcome this pandemic, what kind of positive outcome should we expect from what we learned from this experience?

This is the big question. Do we really want to learn the lessons we received so far?!

The pandemic showed us two things very clearly:

  1. We live in a closed, fully integrated and interdependent world, where we owe 100% mutual responsibility towards each other above borders, nationalities, countries, social status, etc. This is not something Human-made, this is according to Nature’s laws sustaining the balance, homeostasis in the system without which life, optimal development is not possible.
  2. We stubbornly want to live ignorant of these laws, continuing the part, present state that is built on selfish individualism, egotistic exploitation of others and Nature.
  3. We think we are stronger than Nature, we are above Nature and we can do whatever we want, while every time “Nature strikes back” we are found with our pants down, helplessly desperate, clueless.

So will we learn from these lessons?!

Additionally we see how within days of drastically reduced Human activity Nature’s system starts to recover, healing itself. Will we notice this?!

We received an unprecedented chance to reevaluate our lives, goals through this “forced rehab”. While the leaders of the world are already plotting how to blindly return to the same self-destructive system we had before the crisis, since this is their implanted program, we “normal” people should take a pause and rethink:

what do we really want, how would we like to live life from now on, when we received a clean slate for the first time in Human history to take the reins in our hands?

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