Capitalism Or Socialism? It’s Better With Mutual Guarantee!

Question: Is socialism a more emotionally intelligent economy than capitalism? Answer: Neither is better than the other. Capitalism is closer to our inherently self-serving, self-justifying, greedy, subjective nature, socialism is closer to the altruistic, fully integrated, interdependent Natural system we exist in, we need to adapt to. Thus we need a system that takes into … More Capitalism Or Socialism? It’s Better With Mutual Guarantee!

Building Global Peace Over Global Hate

Question: To what extent can global peace ever be achieved? Answer: To the extent we learn – through a purposeful, practical, educational method in the right “laboratory” like environment – how to rise above our inherently egocentric, hateful, subjective nature, that drives us towards exclusive, ruthless competition, success at the expense of others. True peace … More Building Global Peace Over Global Hate

Sole Responsibility

Question: Why is it important to keep reminding ourselves that “we are ultimately responsible for everything that we experience!”? Answer: Because otherwise we are pointlessly waiting for others to solve our problems, thus we suffer needlessly. As authentic Kabbalah teaches us, the world we perceive is our own personal movie projection through our own individual, … More Sole Responsibility

The Covenant Of Marriage As A Tool Against Egoism

Question: Is marriage necessary in life? Why or why not? Answer: Yes, it is necessary. We can define marriage as a committed, “life long” partnership of two otherwise egotistic, individualistic people. Without such a mutually committed relationship we can never learn how to make true compromises and rise above our self-serving, self-justifying instincts. Without such … More The Covenant Of Marriage As A Tool Against Egoism

Powerless Politicians

Question: How did politicians become so powerful? Answer: I don’t think they are so powerful at all. I consider them puppets instead. They are blindly led by their own egotistic, self-serving, self-justifying ambitions, while they are also hapless servants of powerful lobby, interest groups that operate behind the scenes. But even those “hidden” powers, interest … More Powerless Politicians