Millennials Building In The Ruins Of The Collapsing Ponzi Pyramid

Question: The millennial generation appears to be so much poorer than those of their parents. For most, ever owning a house seems unlikely, and even car ownership is much less common. What exactly happened to cause this?

Answer: This is the end of the giant Ponzi scheme that is called “free market capitalism” when the bottom of the pyramid becomes poorer and poorer and falls off until the peak of the pyramid also collapses or even before that happens the disgruntled, frustrated and angry lower part revolts. We can already see many worrying signs of both all over the world.

Although classical capitalism is based on the “Human truth” of “what is mine is mine, what is your is yours” as it was the American dream in its original, classical form, our inherently selfish, egotistic and greedy nature distorts into the egotistic Human truth of “what is mine is mine, what is your is also mine”.

Although the elites tried dripping morsels to the lowers in the form of reckless, harmful consumerism based on aggregate demand, making “designer products” available for them as if they could also reach the upper levels, today the lowers are losing their jobs, they are out-priced from the property market even in smaller places at the end of the world (like my 50000 people town in New Zealand) and find themselves in dead end.

The Millenials are a very special generation. It is their ability and task to recognize our inherently selfish, egotistic, greedy and subjective nature behind all the problems – a nature that drives all of us not only the elite. As a result of this recognition it is their task to start building a new, global Human society on different foundations by first of all correcting, upgrading our inherent nature through the right, purposeful and practical upbringing, educational method.

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