Nationalism, Separatism, Supremacy

Question: How do you differentiate between nationalism, separatism, and supremacy? Answer: We are all born with an inherently proud, individualistic, self-centered, self-justifying and distrusting nature. We all have a strong sense of individual and national (tribal) identity. This tribal identity is interesting as it can group us together alongside such “artificial” constructs as sports teams … More Nationalism, Separatism, Supremacy

Rising Above Negativity In “Noah’s Ark”…

Question: How can one ascend above the negative mentality that surrounds us? Answer: Alone it is impossible, we just drown in the constant negativity, hate and fighting that surrounds us both in real life and through the “circus and bread entertainment” we are served with. Only a purposeful, mutually supportive, mutually complementing environment can offer … More Rising Above Negativity In “Noah’s Ark”…

Useful Mutation

Question: If you could have any mutation happen to you, what would you have? Answer: I would like to acquire the ability to selflessly, unconditionally love and serve others above my inherent nature that is 100% egoistic, hateful, selfish and greedy. Moreover I wish everybody else would acquire such a mutation – induced by evolution’s … More Useful Mutation

Incurable Alcoholics

Question: Why do humans do the opposite of what they know is good? Answer: Because we are not intellectual, but emotional creatures, 100% led by our instincts, hormonal reactions. Thus although we might understand with our reason, logic that we have to behave in a certain way to improve our situations, to solve problems, our … More Incurable Alcoholics

Productive Retirement

Question: Do you think the fear of running out of money in retirement is overblown? Answer: If that money relates to securing one’s basic, natural, healthy and modern necessities, then this fear, concern is not overblown. And we know how much people in retirement struggle to make ends meet in many countries, regardless of their … More Productive Retirement