The Predestined Fall Of Our Civilization

Question: Is the system really crumbling?

Answer: Yes, our present system, civilization is crumbling and it was actually pre-programmed to fail.

Human history is a recurring chain of vicious cycles, civilizations being built on the ruins of the previous ones, only to repeat the same mistakes and then fall themselves. And the falls usually come with an explosion, very great, unsolvable crisis, revolution, war, total economic, social collapse.

Our present civilization is going through the same end-stage now, which can ignite an explosion soon or can continue crumbling for many more years to come. But the writing is on the wall.

This last failure is probably the most painful. After all with all our historic experience, scientific, technological and social advancement we really though we had it figured out. It also seemed that liberal, parliamentary democracy and free market capitalism fitted our Human nature best and we can last with it for a long time to come.

Still we failed. But now this failure gives us the opportunity to finally employ our unique, Human critical self-assessment ability, to recognize why we have been failing for millennia. Finally we have the opportunity to locate our own, inherently selfish, egoistic, hateful and greedy nature – which drives all of us – as the root cause of the recurring failures.

This is why this crisis, and the ending of our egotistic, artificial civilization had to happen from evolutionary point of view. Evolution now demands from us to start a new, this time conscious – above our egoistic, individualistic instincts – development, building a global Human society which will become compatible with Nature’s fully integral and interdependent system.

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