The Only Obstacle

Question: When thinking of way to improve your life. What are some obstacles that you have faced? Answer: It is my own pride, it is my own egotistic, self-justifying, subjective viewpoint of the world that stops me. This locks me into my own selfish, introverted bubble, unable to “soar” beyond my sphere of interest. Thus … More The Only Obstacle

Being Unaware Of Our Pathetic State

Question: Are adults trying to ignore how pathetic and miserable their lives are, or are they actually blissfully unaware? Would you agree that society is depressing? Answer: Most people are sincerely unaware of our true state. And this is normal, as our inherently self-serving, self-justifying, egotistic and subjective nature has a unique self-protective mechanism, that … More Being Unaware Of Our Pathetic State

The Horrible State Of Us

Question: What’s the most horrific thing you have ever seen? Answer: The most horrific thing I have seen is people losing hope, losing any goal, purpose in life, escaping into mindless activities, immersing into the readily available imbecile “circus and bread entertainment, brainwash”, or becoming addicted to the various substances that are available even legally … More The Horrible State Of Us

The Oppressive Dogma Of Political Correctness

Question: What would the most politically correct person be like? Would they be nice? It seems like PC people aren’t usually the nicest or happiest. Answer: When one is forced into an unnatural, artificial, pretense state all the time, one cannot be “nice”. Moreover in order to keep such an artificial state alive one has … More The Oppressive Dogma Of Political Correctness