It’s Never Pointless To Try To Change Upgrade Ourselves!

Question: Do you ever feel like making an effort in life is pointless as we are close to extinction? Answer: I agree with you that if we do not make significant, fundamental changes we are going to become extinct either in this or in the next generation. After all – as a result of our … More It’s Never Pointless To Try To Change Upgrade Ourselves!

Poor But Happy

Question: How some people are poor still, happiest people in the world? Answer: That’s because happiness has no connection to money, material wealth. Of course we need money to cover our basic, natural Human necessities and provide a comfortable, healthy life for our families. But beyond those necessities happiness depends on being satisfied with what … More Poor But Happy

Hopeful Recognition

Question: What do you find hopeful about the world today? Answer: What I find hopeful about the world today is that finally we started to recognize that the root cause behind all of the mounting, global problems we are suffering from is our own, inherently self-serving, self-justifying, subjective and egotistic nature, that drives all of … More Hopeful Recognition

The Best Preparation For Coming Global Problems

Question: Even though you don’t consider yourself a “prepper,” are there still things you try to remain supplied and ready for? Answer: We all have to prepare for the collapse of our civilization which is already under way. We do not want to see the obvious, like we have been “expecting climate change for years” … More The Best Preparation For Coming Global Problems

Rising From Rock Bottom

Question: What can someone do after hitting rock bottom? Answer: It solely depends on whether the person hitting rock bottom is alone, our that person belongs to a closed, purposeful, mutually supportive, mutually complementing environment. If one has such ready, immediate mutual support, the recovery, rise from rock bottom starts the moment one hits the … More Rising From Rock Bottom