Only Our Connections Can Prevent Chaos

Question: What are some basic things in society, that if taken away, would send the world into chaos?

Answer: Human society lives or dies based on the mutually responsible, mutually complementing interconnections in between people. Without such connection, if everybody could freely go after their own, inherently selfish, greedy and hateful egos, we would descend into chaos, consuming each other very quickly.

Thus civilization after civilization we have been trying to find the best way of ensuring “law and order”, coercing each other to keep at least a minimal form of restraint above our egos, and keep the basic connections without which society cannot function.

But since the Human ego grows incessantly and it cannot be either suppressed or erased the “law and order” breaks again and again, forcing us to try new ideologies, new political, social and economic systems – while also employing more coercive ones like police and various branches of the armed forces to ensure relative stability.

As we can see today even the seemingly most advanced system of democracy, free market economy struggles to keep the interconnections and our civilizations also started crumbling.

We have no other option but to try fully revealing and then correcting our egoistic nature in special, “laboratory-like” conditions, initially in small, closed environments where we can learn how to harness and channel the ego’s immense power towards positive, collective, constructive goals, purposes without coercion but using positive motivation, drawing people who come willingly, by free choice.

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