Perfect Contentment

Question: What is your philosophy of contentment?

Answer: When we look at Nature’s fully integrated, closed systems – like our biological body for example – contentment is twofold.

On one hand each cell, organ needs is own “contentment”, fulfillment (inner contentment), but at the same time each cell, organ also had to be in complete balance, homeostasis with the whole organism, at least with the most immediate environment (external contentment).

When we look at our modern life, beliefs, we only focus on the inner contentment, to fulfill ourselves selfishly, subjectively, but we don’t care about the balance, homeostasis around us. If we keep our obligations we do so grudgingly and can hardly wait to pull out of them or sneak around them.

As a result – even if we accumulate wealth, pleasures, goods way beyond our natural necessities – we aren’t content. It’s to the contrary we are becoming more and more depressed, empty, unfulfilled, trying to cover these feelings with all kinds of substance abuse.

We have to learn – through a unique, purposeful, practical educational method – and accept, that our individual contentment is intricately intertwined with the balance, homeostasis of the whole, since we are like individual cells, organs of the same, inevitably integrated Human super-organism.

Only bu ensuring the well-being and optimal development of the whole can we enjoy our individual, inner contentment as well. And in truth this is not philosophy, this is extremely timely and practical, based on Nature’s unbending, iron laws.

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