Learning To Harness Capitalism, Nationalism

Question: Capitalism demands nationalism. What do you think? Is it making sense to you? Answer: I don’t that it is a cause and effect connection. But both originate from our inherently proud, individualistic, egocentric, self-justifying nature. Capitalism is based on the egotistic truth of “what’s mine is mine, what’s yours is yours” (but if I … More Learning To Harness Capitalism, Nationalism

Purpose: Reconnection!

Question: Can you tell me a story to make me understand the purpose of life? Answer: Imagine a solitary cogwheel disconnected from a magnificent, perfect, “perpetum mobile” machine that encompasses everything. How would the cogwheel feel, exist? Imagine a single cell that has been extracted from a perfect, eternal body that can observe and attain … More Purpose: Reconnection!

Nature’s Uncompromising Principle

Question: What are your uncompromisable values, your core principles? Answer: I don’t have any personal ones, especially that any such personal values, principles would be inevitably egocentric, self-serving, self-justifying, subjective. Fortunately Nature’s perfect system provides us with an uncompromising, core principle, unique, empirical, Natural scientists expressed in the law: “Love your neighbor as yourself”. Contrary … More Nature’s Uncompromising Principle

It’s Better To Be A Useful Cogwheel, Then Being “Jack Of All Trades”

Question: Which is better, being king of one trade or jack of all trades? Answer: King of one trade. We can pretend to be “jack of all trades” but this is a proud, egotistic lie which is also harmful. We are but individual cells, cogwheels in a perfect, completely integrated, interdependent system. We all have … More It’s Better To Be A Useful Cogwheel, Then Being “Jack Of All Trades”

Be Yourself – By Finding Your Puzzle Piece In The Right Environment

Question: Is being yourself harder than being fake? Answer: This solely depends on the environment we exist in. After all we are the product of our environment. If the environment – like our general, global, Westernised environment today – projects fake values, fake goals, artificial aspirations, then we all become fake regardless of what we … More Be Yourself – By Finding Your Puzzle Piece In The Right Environment

The High Self-Esteem Of Perfect Cogwheel

Question: How do I build self esteem as an adult? Answer: Since we are the product of our environment, since – despite being born with inherently self-serving, self-justifying nature – we still need the approval, respect from our environment, we can build a healthy self-esteem by entering the right, purposeful, mutually supportive and mutually complementing … More The High Self-Esteem Of Perfect Cogwheel