Nation Building

Question: How can we promote nation building in the community?

Answer: Nation building is possible only through a unique, “national education” which emphasizes the unique culture, origin, history of the actual nation, what the national characteristics of its people are and what mutually complementing role the members of the nation could play in a globally integrated and interdependent world as a result of those characteristics.

Although we are not aware of this yet, in Nature’s deterministic, intelligent and perfect system Humanity is very specifically divided to certain nations, individuals that comprise a perfect, all-encompassing whole. But while in other levels of Nature the mutually responsible, mutually complementing cooperation, complementary interaction is instinctive, in Humanity we have to learn this consciously, proactively in order to give us full, conscious awareness and free choice in the process.

It is very important that national unity cannot be built on fascism – unity at the expense, hate of others – but it has to be built on an inner cohesion, “national love”, mutual guarantee – a voluntary, selfless, unconditional service of the whole – which the above mentioned education can facilitate.

Only such strong, proud, internally reinforced nations can become the necessary, positive cogwheels, organs in Humanity’s single, united body, mosaic. And only through such a perfectly integrated Human mosaic, “super-organism” can we collectively survive in Nature’s integral system as evolution demands.

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