Perfect Intelligence, Vision

Question: If the Earth has no intelligence, how did human awareness come into being?

Answer: Well, first of all we could say that in order to know that the Earth has no intelligence, awareness, we would need to see reality from the Earth’s point of view, otherwise we cannot make such statements at all.

This is especially so, as we know that our present consciousness, perception of reality is 100% egocentric, subjective, thus we cannot make judgement, assumptions about anything, anybody apart from ourselves, since we “live inside our own heads”.

Wise, empirical, Natural scientists – who managed to rise above the inherently distorted, limited, egocentric and subjective Human perception – that become able to research and attain Nature’s system “from within” describe Nature as an intelligent, aware system, with a very simple, instinctive awareness, intelligence. After all all inanimate, vegetative and animate levels of Nature are automatically, instinctively integrated in the system, sensing its balance, homeostasis and life-flow.

It is our Human uniqueness, our special Human purpose, role in the system to become the only actively aware creatures in Nature. We achieve this unparalleled feat by the virtue of being born “outside of the system”, disconnected from Nature’s balance and homeostasis due to our selfish egos and subjective calculations, perception.

If we can purposefully, methodically change our “operating software” and acquire the ability to care for, make calculations for others than ourselves, making other people and the whole system as important as ourselves, then we could actively integrate into the system and start sensing its perfection, its “primordial intelligence” and Nature’s evolutionary plan from within.

And the contrast between the original, fully egoistic, subjective and limited vision and the acquired, selfless, objective and unlimited one provides a perfect perception.

By this we can justify our Human existence as “Crowns of Creation”. This process unfolds through a unique, purposeful and practical educational method the above mentioned empirical scientists established for us, and we are all able, moreover obliged to reach its fruition.

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