Collective Logic, Collective Intelligence

Question: Can humanity function as a completely logical species or does our innate need for self-satisfaction prevent us? Answer: This is a crucial question which will determine the future of Humanity. At the moment we are not a “logical, intelligent” species, as we all act individually, selfishly, instinctively through an egocentric “pleasure/pain” software. Moreover most … More Collective Logic, Collective Intelligence

None As Wise As The Experienced

Question: What is something nobody can truly understand until they’ve experienced it for themselves? Answer: There is a beautiful saying, “none as wise as the experienced”. There is nothing we can truly understands until we actually go through it. True understanding is called attainment when the direct, tangible, “tasted” emotional impressions from the actual experience … More None As Wise As The Experienced

In Order To Get To Know What We Don’t Know…

Question: What are examples of “knowing what we don’t know” and “not knowing what we don’t know”? Answer: At the moment we exist in the state of “not knowing what we do not know”. Due to our inherently egocentric, self-serving and subjective nature and perception we are convinced that we have reality mapped out, that … More In Order To Get To Know What We Don’t Know…

Flawed Subjective Logic

Question: Why do people believe that human logic is flawed? Answer: Because our inherent mind, logic of 100% egocentric, subjective, thus it is utterly unable to properly, accurately perceive and compute reality around us. Only a unique, unprecedented collective intelligence – built in a special environment through purposeful, methodical self-annulment towards each other – has … More Flawed Subjective Logic

Connecting To Nature’s Infinite Database

Question: What is one thing you know better than anyone else? Answer: There is nothing I know better than anyone. Knowledge, Wisdom is not ours anyway, what we think we have “in our heads” is misguided, egocentric, subjective illusion of knowledge. True knowledge, Wisdom resides in Nature’s perfect, unlimited database. So the question is who … More Connecting To Nature’s Infinite Database

The Greatest Human Innovation: The Collective “Superhuman”

Question: What is the most important innovation humans have made? Answer: The greatest innovation of Humankind has not been implemented yet. We have to “innovate”, upgrade ourselves in order to unlock our “truly Human” potential. This innovation is the “creation” of a Human being, that – above the inherently selfish, egotistic, hateful and greedy nature … More The Greatest Human Innovation: The Collective “Superhuman”

Becoming More Rational – Through Collective Mind

Question: What can I do to force myself to be more rational (rather than emotional) when making decisions? Answer: I agree with you that by default our decision making is almost solely emotional. This is not surprising since we are primary emotional, sentient creatures driven by instincts, hormonal reactions, since our basic matter is the … More Becoming More Rational – Through Collective Mind