Connecting To Nature’s Infinite Database

Question: What is one thing you know better than anyone else?

Answer: There is nothing I know better than anyone. Knowledge, Wisdom is not ours anyway, what we think we have “in our heads” is misguided, egocentric, subjective illusion of knowledge.

True knowledge, Wisdom resides in Nature’s perfect, unlimited database. So the question is who has the best, most direct access to that database.

But an individual can’t get access to nature’s perfect database as individually, with our inherently egocentric, selfish, subjective approach we are incompatible, we do not merit access.

Nature’s governing qualities are selfless, unconditional love and service of others, only those who acquire such qualities can connect to it.

Only a selfless, transparent, mutually interconnected, collective intelligence has access to Nature’s infinite database and has the ability to download information, knowledge from there!

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