Making Others More Important, Than Myself

Question: Why are other people not more important than yourself?

Answer: Because we are 100% egoists, we are all born with a fully self-serving, self-justifying, subjective nature, that is incapable of making calculations for anybody, anything else but the self.

If we haven’t recognized this about ourselves we haven’t been in a dramatic, sharp situation where one had to make a truly “life or death” decision about the self and another, or we haven’t entered a unique “laboratory” – purposeful environment – that is designed to reveal who we are, what forces, desires, intentions motivate us.

Being innate egoists is a not a sin, it is not evil, since we had absolutely no free choice about the qualities, nature we were born with. Evolution created us like this for a reason.

Only from this “negative state” – provided we finally recognize that our ego is destructive, it is our enemy, which we are gradually revealing today – can we start aiming for, developing a second, selfless, altruistic nature, that will give us the ability to build unity, mutually responsible, mutually complementing connections above diversity, despite the instinctive distrust, rejection.

Then – apart from securing our survival in a fully integrated, interdependent world – as a result of the contrast, as a result of the conscious self-improvement, upgrade we will gain a complete understanding of Nature’s system, seeing it “from one end to the other”, attaining the contrast in between Nature’s two opposite – negative and positive – forces, reaching a truly Human evolutionary state.

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