Good Vs Evil

Question: Since evil people have done some good deeds at some points in their lives and good people have done some bad things in life how can one discern the difference between good and evil? Answer: As you yourself suggested life is not Hollywood. There are no black and white good vs evil people. We … More Good Vs Evil

The Crowns Of Creation

Question: What do you think shoud be humanity ‘s main goal? Answer: The ultimate, main goal for Humanity is determined by Nature’s intelligent evolutionary plan. We are expected to become “truly, consciously Human” from that potential , blindly instinctive“humanoid” form we are born as. The notion “Human” – based on its Hebrew translation, Adam (which … More The Crowns Of Creation

Making Others More Important, Than Myself

Question: Why are other people not more important than yourself? Answer: Because we are 100% egoists, we are all born with a fully self-serving, self-justifying, subjective nature, that is incapable of making calculations for anybody, anything else but the self. If we haven’t recognized this about ourselves we haven’t been in a dramatic, sharp situation … More Making Others More Important, Than Myself

Ten Things To Know

Question: What are 10 things you should know before you turn 30? Answer: Who are you? What “are you made of”, what desires, intentions drive you? What is this world, Natural system we live in? What are the most important laws, principles of the world, system? What is the meaning of this life we live … More Ten Things To Know