Returning To Nature

Question: Do you think humans would be happier if they lived in nature and without the imposed societal structures?

Answer: Our evolutionary purpose is to “return to Nature” – more precisely to re-adapt ourselves into Nature’s integral system following its laws principles instead of our artificial Human paradigm.

But at this stage we still need the imposed structure of Human society with all of its laws, restrictions, red tapes, as without them our “unnatural”, completely egoistic, self-serving, individualistic and subjective nature would have destroyed us long time ago.

In our generation when our ego has reached its maximum, most intense development, even these social boundaries can’t contain our self-destructive tendencies any longer, we have distorted, corrupted even liberal, parliamentary democracy, and seemingly we are inevitably sliding towards a global meltdown.

The time has come to actualize a unique, practical and purposeful educational method which can facilitate the above mentioned re-integration into Nature’s perfect system, by consciously, proactively changing ourselves.

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