Learning How To Receive Infinite Pleasures

Question: Does the pursuit of pleasure give you a good life? Answer: Not until now. The more pleasures I tried to accumulate, grab for myself, the emptier, less satisfied I felt, feel myself. And judging by what I see around the world in others – the general emptiness, depression spreading like plague despite seemingly having … More Learning How To Receive Infinite Pleasures

The High Self-Esteem Of Perfect Cogwheel

Question: How do I build self esteem as an adult? Answer: Since we are the product of our environment, since – despite being born with inherently self-serving, self-justifying nature – we still need the approval, respect from our environment, we can build a healthy self-esteem by entering the right, purposeful, mutually supportive and mutually complementing … More The High Self-Esteem Of Perfect Cogwheel

The Practice That Makes You Perfect…

Question: Which is correct:” Practice makes perfect” OR ” Practice makes perfection?” Answer: I would slightly combine, modify those two: “One who practices perfection, becomes perfect” In other words if we start practicing, “play acting” perfection – a next, a more desirable, more optimal developmental state that looks from our point of view as perfect … More The Practice That Makes You Perfect…

Seeing Perfection

Question: Does perfection exist? If so, where? Answer: We are surrounded by absolute perfection, we exist in a Natural system that is utterly perfect, governed by a predetermined, intelligent evolutionary plan that leads everything to the most optimal final state. But we are completely unaware of this as our inherently self-obsessed, egoistic, subjective consciousness and … More Seeing Perfection

How To Measure Perfection?

Question: Is everything comparable? Answer: Yes. Without comparative research, without seeing contrasts we would have no chance of perceiving reality. Even absolute perfection, absolute beauty, absolute truth needs to be compared to, contrasted with its opposite. This explains why Human beings – the only living creatures in reality with the conscious ability to perceive, attain … More How To Measure Perfection?