Liberation From The Egoistic Self

Question: How would you define ‘freedom’?

Answer: In order to define freedom, first we need to define what we need liberation from.

The notion of freedom in itself means nothing. What is the most restrictive, overbearing thing that stops us reaching our true potential, that prevents us from solving problems?

The actual tyrant we need liberation from is our own, all powerful, selfish, hateful and greedy ego, which locks is into a subjective cocoon, filtering, censoring our consciousness, perception. This ego drives us into the endless, ruthless, exclusive competition for resources, survival which destroys Human societies, civilisations in recurring, vicious cycles.

True freedom is the liberation from the ego – as symbolised in the story of Exodus, escaping the “Pharaoh”, our own ego. The moment we can detach or unique, selfless, objective Human observer from the ego we enter a prefect, infinite and eternal dimension without the inherent, egocentric, subjects restrictions of time, space and physical motion.

This is the only freedom we need to aspire for!

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