Seizing The Moment

Question: Do you think that the present moment seizes you instead of you seizing it? Answer: By default the moment seizes us, as we are completely unaware of the underlying, Natural developmental plan that drives our lives. We haplessly, blindly stumble from state to state while we are stubbornly erecting a proud facade, as if … More Seizing The Moment

Harsh Society

Question: What is the Harsh reality of our society? Answer: The harsh reality of our society is that it is constantly breaking up, it is in a constant state of crisis, and neither democracy, nor economics works, as all our ideologies, systems are built on our inherently self-serving, self-justifying, hateful, greedy and subjective nature. And … More Harsh Society

Total Freedom

Question: What is an awesome thing you’ve done that you think everyone should try at least once? Answer: The most awesome thing I ever encountered was perceiving reality outside of, independent of myself, fully dissolving into the desires, viewpoints of others. There is no greater freedom than to become disconnected from self-awareness, self-concern, viewing the … More Total Freedom

We Are Interconnected

Question: Would you rather be happy when everyone’s sad or be sad when everyone’s happy? Answer: In order to answer this question we would first need to accept and understand, that contrary to our prideful individualistic belief we are not isolated, heroic, standalone creatures. We are fully integrated, interdependent cogwheels, cells within an intricately interconnected … More We Are Interconnected

The Two Wolves

Question: How aware are you of two different opposing “wolves” operating within your mind, one of which leads to pain and diminish the sense of life and the other to a joyous, meaningful, and fulfilling life? Answer: In order to become aware of the two wolves, moreover to keep that awareness, holding the two perception … More The Two Wolves