Happily Giving Up Control

Question: How much control does a person have over their life?

Answer: Interestingly most people would say that at least to a certain degree they are in control of their lives. After all if we did not feel so we would not be able to exist! There is no conscious Human being that would be able to exist even for a minute without a sense of control, direction, logical cause and effect process.

It is important that we have such a sense, even if in truth we are not in control yet at all. In truth our life is a complete instinctive chance encounter, when we cannot be sure what happens even one second into the future from our present state as we are directed by blind, instinctive urges, needs, desires from one minute to another.

But arriving to a clear, tangible sensation of being “out of control”, hanging in thin air needs a gradual, methodical preparation, where we not only accept the state of being completely “out of control” without fainting, wanting to disappear, taking our own life due to the intolerable sensation, but we actually cherish letting go of the false sense of control and allowing Nature’s all-encompassing force-field to sustain us, direct us.

We need a very special educational method in a unique, closed environment to come to this state of “consenting puppet”, that fully devotes itself to the puppet master – Nature’s single, evolutionary force-field – in order to learn what this force is, how this force operates and what its evolutionary plan is with our own unique role in it.

Through this process we can come to such an attainment of Nature’ system and its force-field, that we regain control not only over our own existence, but we seemingly gain control over the whole Natural Universe!

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