A Bright Future

Question: As for your individual fields of expertise and personal opinion. What are your thoughts of humanity in the future? Answer: First of all Humanity’s future is bright, as our future role, purpose in Nature’s perfect system is predetermined by Nature’s intelligent, deterministic evolutionary plan. We have to reach our role as “crowns of evolution” … More A Bright Future


Question: What happens when fate has other plans? Answer: When fate has other plans it is better to learn the plan of fate and adjust our own desires, plans accordingly! We live in a fully deterministic, lawful Natural system with a very precise, intelligent evolutionary plan. Thus plan contains a very specific, unique individual and … More Fateful

Influencing Our Luck

Question: What was your luckiest moment? Answer: On one hand basically every moment in our life is “lucky”, we have absolutely no control over what is happening – contrary to what we believe through our inherent proud, egoistic albeit misguided self-confidence. We are simply, blindly react to seemingly random factors, actions, influences through hormonal reactions … More Influencing Our Luck

Transcending Ourselves By Disappearing In Others

Question: How can I transcend my self and become successful? Answer: First of all I fully agree with you. In order to become successful and reach our true potential we have to transcend ourselves, we have to literally exit ourselves. It is our inherently self-serving, self-justifying, egoistic and greedy nature that keeps us under lock, … More Transcending Ourselves By Disappearing In Others