Preparing For The Future

Question: Doesn’t it seem that we are trending toward a future that we are wildly unprepared for?

Answer: Yes, and this has always been the case.

The difference is that while so far Humanity was content developing blindly, instinctively without knowing anything about the Natural system we exist in, without understanding our Human role, purpose in it, today – especially as a result of the developing, unsolvable crisis that affects everything we do – more and more people want to know what the meaning, purpose of our life is and what is the underlying evolutionary plan that determines our lives.

Thus we are ready for the next, this time conscious phase of Human evolution when we consciously start studying Nature’s deterministic, intelligent evolutionary plan in order to find our precisely assigned, unique Human role in it and fulfill it. Then instead of “falling into” each next developmental state we can predict, almost “taste” each new state in advance, entering it fully prepared. This will give us a very realistic sensation as if we ourselves determine our development, choosing our states.

Thus instead hapless puppets pulled on strings we become fully aware partners with the Natural system, actively complementing its perfection while fully attaining all cause and effect processes that govern life in reality.

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