The Futility Of Individualism

Question: What are some social ideas that humans have which completely contradict reality?

Answer: The most important, mostly Western social idea, concept that fully contradicts reality and thus causes great harm, is individualism, individual free will.

We exist in a fully integrated totally interdependent Natural system, and while we have been stubbornly building a Human bubble, paradigm that is based on individualism, the control of our selfish egos, this bubble is now bursting – in the form of the all-encompassing global crisis – since it is completely incompatible with Nature.

Although this is very much against our inherent nature and our upbringing, education, we will have to learn how to integrate with each other, how to become altruistic, mutually, unconditionally serving cogwheels in Humanity’s single, united “super-organism”, which in turn will merit its successful survival within Nature’s system.

We do not have a free choice in this matter, our only free choice relates to the manner we achieve this integration.

We can either wait for worsening crisis, blows, intolerable suffering to force us, or we can proactively, consciously and willingly study the Natural system and its deterministic evolutionary plan in order to find and fulfill our unique cogwheels roles in it.

We will receive an immeasurable reward for this. By giving up our self-destructive egoistic paradigm and accepting a collective existence with its collective mind, intelligence we rise to a qualitatively much higher, truly Human existence, where we experience life in an infinite, eternal way, liberated from the egocentric, subjective restrictions of time, space and motion.

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