Overrated Personal Freedom

Question: Is personal freedom overrated? What is wrong with rules and accountability?

Answer: Personal freedom is vastly overrated as such a thing does not exist. I know this statement goes completely against everything we believe in, and many people fought and died for “freedom” during Human history and even today.

Still when we examine the system we live in, when we look at our own nature we will see that everything we think, decide or do is already pre-programmed, predetermined.

Even within the scope of the world we can perceive right now we can easily see how much we are simply the product of the environment we live. Whether we go with the flow or go against it it does not matter, it is the general flow that determines who we are, what we are doing.

All our values, goals, aspirations, fashion, the way we speak, dress, think is installed in us from the environment. And we react to those influences in a predetermined way according to our hormones, inherent instincts.

And if someone decides to exit Human society completely, escaping into a jungle or to a deserted island, that person becomes the product of that Natural environment.

And if we ventured beyond the Human bubble we created we would see that in the Natural Universe everything is already determined by a precise, intelligent evolutionary plan, which drives the whole system towards a final, perfect, totally integrated, unified state, where the myriads of diverse, seemingly incompatible parts interconnect into a single whole.

Our very unique Human role is not in changing the process, or to make individual decisions, actions. It is to become aware of the process, to understand like a puppet that suddenly came to consciousness, why, for what purpose one is manipulated, enlivened, developed. We have to and can start sensing the original plan streaming through us to such an extent that we come to understand the whole process from beginning to its end above the subjective, egocentric limitations of time, space and physical motion.

This unfolds by replacing our very limited, personal mind, emotions to a collective intelligence, emotional impressions we gain by interconnecting Human beings is a very special, mutually supportive and mutually complementing way through the right, purposeful method.

The system is already perfect, whole but it is without consciousness. Our Human role is to add to it our special Human consciousness, becoming the attaining and witnessing mind of the whole cosmic system.

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