Improving Our Luck

Question: Why is the luck life better? Answer: I tried to search the expression “luck life” and I found only an anime series and a Japanese high school band. So I assume you refer to a life that depends on luck, rather than depending on conscious, purposeful cause and effect processes. I understand you, as … More Improving Our Luck

Accessing The Collective Subconscious

Question: How can I activate my subconscious mind? Answer: I think there are many teachings, techniques today that teach how to access the “subconscious” mind, although as long as we keep searching inside ourselves we would reach the same dead end: our inherently egotistic, self-serving, self-justifying, subjective cocoon. In other words inside ourselves we will … More Accessing The Collective Subconscious

The Evolutionary Necessity Of Globalization, And Our “Immoral Decline”

Question: Should globalization be blamed for the transfer of immoral culture? Answer: No. Globalization – living in a globally integrated and fully interdependent Human society – is not something “man-made”. It is an evolutionary necessity, we evolved into such a world since otherwise Humanity would not be able to survive in a cosmic Natural system … More The Evolutionary Necessity Of Globalization, And Our “Immoral Decline”

Fulfilling Expectations By Knowing What To Expect

Question: Why are expectations bad? Answer: Expectations are not bad at all. Without expectations, without projecting some expected future pleasure, reward ahead of ourselves we would not be able to move, progress. Or we would only progress by blows, difficulties, intolerable suffering pushing us from behind. In order to not to become disappointed, disillusioned by … More Fulfilling Expectations By Knowing What To Expect