The Absolutely Free Observer

Question: Is absolute freedom overrated?

Answer: I do not think it is overrated, instead we could say it is misunderstood.

In truth we do not have any freedom at all as we imagine it. After all how could anybody have any personal freedom of choice, action, decision when we all exist within a fully integrated and interdependent Humanity which Humanity is embedded in a fully integrated Natural system?!

All our thoughts, decisions, desires and actions are determined by myriads of factors, conditions and our own pre-programmed instinctive, hormonal reactions. The fact that our our shrewd, self-deceiving, self-justifying mind puts up a smokescreen making us believe in personal freedom does not change the facts anybody can observe and attain.

Still we can be absolutely free, so much so that we can rise above our original, present individual, subjective limitations of time, space and physical motion and we can start sensing existence in an infinite eternal manner! All we have to do is to learn how to exit our inherently egocentric, subjective cocoons and start observing reality in a selfless, objective manner.

Then we would become like particles in a quantum system, observing reality – which reality itself does not change – from any possible viewpoint at any given “time”.

Reality, actions, states do not change, but the observer is liberated and can attain reality in a “quantum manner”.

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