The Only Rule We Need

Question: What rule do you wish all of society would implement right away?

Answer: I wish we would all immediately implement the rule of “love your neighbor as yourself”, as our collective survival depends on this implementation.

Now I obviously do not mean this how people has been using this principle so far, as some religious commandment, mysticism or “spiritual” slogan. The true meaning of the principle urging us to “love others as ourselves” is the translation, implementation of Nature’s most fundamental law – which sustains balance and homeostasis in closed, integral, Natural systems – into Human society.

Without the selfless, mutually responsible, mutually complementing cooperation, unconditional connection of the diverse elements in living systems life, optimal development would not be possible.

And since Humanity is also a closed, integral, fully interdependent system – embedded into Nature – we also need to start implementing the above mentioned rule, principle, otherwise due to our incompatibility with Nature’s system we will self-destruct as our present direction also suggests.

Since this implementation goes against our inherently self-serving, self-justifying, egoistic and subjective nature, we need a unique educational method which can help us implement it above and despite our ego’s resistance through positive motivation.

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