The Innate Need For Belonging

Question: Is the human need of belonging to a group greater than the desire for truth and justice? Answer: Yes, especially so as the real truth, justice can be found only through purposefully, methodically built mutually responsible and mutually complementing Human interconnections. Our present truth and justice is arbitrary, made up by our inherently self-serving, … More The Innate Need For Belonging

True Friendship Is Hard

Question: What is the hardest thing about friendship? Answer: The hardest thing about friendship is annuling ourselves towards the friends against, above our inherently self-serving, self-justifying nature. Friendship is true only when it’s based on mutual guarantee, where the principle of “love your friends as yourself” is implemented in practice in a way that it … More True Friendship Is Hard

Heaven On Earth

Question: How much more pleasant and justifiably satisfying do you expect to find Heaven compared to that of the pleasures here in this world that we must deny ourselves of? Answer: Great, very special, empirical Natural scientists – who managed to attain Nature’s complete system with all of its laws, cause and effect processes by … More Heaven On Earth

Perfect Marriage

Question: What marriage values and principles are the most important to you? Answer: I think this is expressed most beautifully in the phrase, “Husband, Wife and the Divinity in between them”. A marriage is the most difficult thing in life. After all two, inherently proud, individualistic, 100% egotistic people make a pledge to stay together … More Perfect Marriage

Good Listening

Question: When does “listening” really matter? Answer: Listening really matters when we listen with the intention to hear and feel. Listening becomes useful when we listen with a true intent, wanting to sense, taste the desires, needs and viewpoints of others. Through such a purposeful listening we can actually penetrate into those desires, needs and … More Good Listening

Dealing With Problems In An Integral World

Question: How do you deal with problems in life? Answer: By climbing onto the shoulders of others. Contrary to our inherently proud, individualistic, heroic beliefs on our own we are exactly like body parts that have been severed from the body and are left alone. Especially today – in the fully integrated and interdependent world … More Dealing With Problems In An Integral World