Heaven On Earth

Question: How much more pleasant and justifiably satisfying do you expect to find Heaven compared to that of the pleasures here in this world that we must deny ourselves of?

Answer: Great, very special, empirical Natural scientists – who managed to attain Nature’s complete system with all of its laws, cause and effect processes by becoming equal to the system’s “godly qualities” (selfless, unconditional love and service) – explain the following:

  1. Heaven (next life) is not a state that is achieved after our physical body dies and we disconnect from sensing this world.
  2. Heaven is a completely new consciousness, perception of reality we reach when we fundamentally change how we relate to reality and others.
  3. Through a unique, purposeful, practical educational method in the right environment (laboratory) we can learn how to change our inherent consciousness, perception – which is completely towards ourselves, in order to fulfill our own selfish, subjective needs, desires at the expense of everything, everybody else. Instead we start existing through selfless, unconditional love and service towards others, when we accept our personal existence only in order to feel and fulfill others unconditionally.
  4. Then instead of the inherently very limited and distorted personal desires we acquire infinite, eternal of everybody else. As a result instead of the morsel of pleasures we feel today – that requires vast amount of efforts, suffering to reach – we can start sensing unimaginable, infinite pleasures that flow through us towards the others.

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