Network Of Forces

Question: Do thoughts outside of awareness influence behavior?

Answer: I would say that it is the thoughts outside of awareness that truly influence behaviour.

Although we imagine ourselves in a physical world, as we started to understand through quantum physics especially, true reality is a web of forces, waves, “thoughts”.

And we are unaware of this “thought network” almost completely, as due to our inherently selfish, egocentric, subjective perception we receive only a very limited and distorted morsel of the whole “picture”.

But regardless of whether we feel them or not, all the forces, waves, thoughts and intentions that comprise this unseen network around us influence us much, much stronger than any open action.

Thus if we want to understand what and why we are doing, how we could adapt ourselves to this intricate network that defines, governs everything, we need to defocus from the superficial level of actions and enter the level of thoughts, intentions through a unique, purposeful method in a special “laboratory-like” environment.

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