Creature Of Habit

Question: Daily rituals can be “confining” in some respects but skipping them once or twice can be “debilitating.” I enjoy not to over plan my day and allow for some randomness. Are you bound, or not, to your daily rituals and why?

Answer: You can call me “bound” as I live according to a “military style” daily schedule, trying to use habits to get me accustomed to a lifestyle, that can lead me towards very specific goals, purposes.

I do this because I have been studying Human nature for many years, and I understand through my own experience and through the experience of others, that unless we “bound” our instinctive animal – that blindly follows any temptation, desire for ever greater selfish pleasures, and it constantly tries to keep ourselves in a “comfort zone” – we can never actually reach our goals.

And even this “military style” schedule, habit is impossible to keep without the help of a purposeful, mutually supportive, mutually complementing environment.

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