Building Connections

Question: What are some simple ways to connect with your fellow humans? Answer: Although making connections seems simple – especially with the advent of social media where many of us have thousands of “friends” – making true, positive, sustainable connections is actually very difficult. It is easy to “meet” when it fits us, when the … More Building Connections

Creature Of Habit

Question: Daily rituals can be “confining” in some respects but skipping them once or twice can be “debilitating.” I enjoy not to over plan my day and allow for some randomness. Are you bound, or not, to your daily rituals and why? Answer: You can call me “bound” as I live according to a “military … More Creature Of Habit

A Strange Habit Of Donald Trump

Question: What are some strange habits of Donald Trump? Answer: I really don’t know him and whatever we “know” about him comes from a completely distorted, biased media propaganda. But overall one “strange habit” he seems to have is questioning all the accepted, politically correct, established opinions, practices the entrenched final establishment had built during … More A Strange Habit Of Donald Trump

Telling Others What They Want To Hear

Question: At what point did you realised that people will understand only what they would like to hear? Answer: Only since I started studying a unique, empirical science which perfectly explains our inherent Human nature. Since then I know, understand that we are all born with an inherently self-serving, self-justifying, subjective consciousness and perception, which … More Telling Others What They Want To Hear

Being Unaware Of Our Pathetic State

Question: Are adults trying to ignore how pathetic and miserable their lives are, or are they actually blissfully unaware? Would you agree that society is depressing? Answer: Most people are sincerely unaware of our true state. And this is normal, as our inherently self-serving, self-justifying, egotistic and subjective nature has a unique self-protective mechanism, that … More Being Unaware Of Our Pathetic State

It’s Impossible To Change Ourselves, Unless…

Question: Why does it feel impossible and difficult to change myself and my life? Answer: Because it is truly impossible! Contrary to all “self-help”, “self-improvement” methods we can’t change ourselves. It would be like Baron Munchausen suggesting that one can lift oneself by pulling one’s own hair! If we want to change ourselves we need … More It’s Impossible To Change Ourselves, Unless…

Planting Myself Into The Right Environment For Ideal Growth

Question: How did you grow as a person in 2018? Answer: I can’t really assess my own growth as it would be a very subjective, self-congratulating, self-justifying assessment. On the other hand my chosen environment that I “have planted myself into” has grown tremendously, progressing very fast towards its collectively agreed, committed to goal. And … More Planting Myself Into The Right Environment For Ideal Growth

Motivating Others Through Positive Example

Question: How do you motivate people to do good for others? Answer: Only with positive example. There is no other way of “convincing”, motivating, leading others but by showing “shining”, positive example. Especially when we do this in a purposefully built, mutually supportive, mutually complementing environment, the positive example can utilize our instinctive attributes of … More Motivating Others Through Positive Example