It’s Impossible To Change Ourselves, Unless…

Question: Why does it feel impossible and difficult to change myself and my life?

Answer: Because it is truly impossible! Contrary to all “self-help”, “self-improvement” methods we can’t change ourselves. It would be like Baron Munchausen suggesting that one can lift oneself by pulling one’s own hair!

If we want to change ourselves we need an appropriate device, like an “incubator” we can enter and then this device will change us.

They say that a Human being is the product of the environment. And it is truly do, as besides our genetic inheritance, upbringing and education, only the environment remains that can affect any changes in us.

Thus in order to change ourselves we have to choose and then enter a purposeful, mutually supportive, mutually complementing environment which can become our “incubator”.

Through it we will receive new values, goals, aspirations and the tools, inspiration necessary to achieve them.

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